whaddup world?

I hate/love reading my old blog posts. I’m almost always embarrassed by how I used to talk and the lingo I used…used to be super anal about making sure I didn’t sound stupid but I think this time around I might just let go. It’s important to let loose sometimes. I could change my mind at any second, though.

Anyways, I’m Conz,

but with parenthesis Jake because I’m really into dude-names for chicks. Jake is cool, so is Harvey, Jeff, James, Charles, Davey, and John. That’s all I can think of for now.

*This will never change, I will probably always enjoy male names for females.

I’m picky and I think too much about how I want to go about this blog business, like, how much I want to reveal, how personal I want to be, how I want to write, etc. but I’m trying to be a bit more free flowing.

I’m not too into autobiographies as intros so here’s what I’m into right now:

1) skating

I can’t skate(board). I can ride around on my 46″ longboard (except downhill because that’s scurry), but that’s pretty much it. Over the weekend I learned how to ollie, though. I’m getting more comfortable on a skateboard…still working on ollie-ing while moving. It’s so fun!!!! lakjdflaksjdlfkadsf I can’t stop thinking about it -_-

Honestly I really don’t want to get into the whole skate-scene and obsess over a bunch of cool pro-skaters and stuff. It’s time consuming and I have a knack for spending all my time doing 1 thing. I just want to skate. BUT, I’m currently watching Weekend Buzz on youtube, a skate talk show. I like talk shows a ton, and I liked the chill atmosphere on the show.

2) writing music

I want to write an album. Even if it sucks, I just want to write enough (decent) songs so that I can tell myself I wrote an album. It’d be super cool if eventually I really did come out with a sick record and got it all produced and stuff, but for now, I’m just writing and jamming. Oh, but I’ll never show anyone my “album”.

Currently, I play piano and guitar, and hoping to get better at both. I’m mostly playing guitar right now since I’ve got an acoustic in my room (I live in a dorm) and the piano room is alllll the way downstairs. Mm, I’m one of those asian kids that played piano all throughout grade school. So. That’s my piano level. As for guitar, I’ve got a lot to learn.

I’ve got my eye on the drums, and I plan on learning how to bang out a beat reaaaal soon!

Also, I downloaded Deckadance on my computer and want to learn how to DJ. It’d be cool to make remixes and stuff. It may be a little out of my league though, I think I’d be better at making beats and such. I’m awful with technology which is why I prefer to make music organically.

3) creating..

Lately I’ve been really interested in blogging. I’ve never tried actually updating the world on what I’m up to and claiming my existence, so I thought I’d give it a shot. On my radar lately has been Sara Blake, who, in an interview on The Great Discontent, said that she got a lot more jobs as an illustrator after she started to tell people what she was up to online and stuff. It’s self-promotion and can get annoying but you gotta do what you gotta do. So yeah!

I think it could be fun, really! I just never wanted to be one of those people with a big outflow of #selfies and daily Twitter posts about what they ate for luncheon.

Also, art. I’ve always been more of a realistic sketcher and when I doodle I only doodle people. Mostly chicks, because I look at girls a lot more than I look at dudes. However recently, I’ve been trying to doodle more graphic stuff and less people stuff. Not really feeling my doodles, but I’m working on it. Just trying to get more creative by doing more stuff!

I also want to get into photography- seriously this time. I have a DSLR but I don’t do much with it. I have visions of what I want but little technical knowledge to actually carry it out.

4) gettin’ healthy man..

Yeah, I’m at a point where my metabolism isn’t as awesome as it used to be. You know how it’s really attractive when a girl isn’t so finicky about her calories and just eats? Yeah, I can’t exactly do that anymore ;_; But also, I just think my body deserves a lot better than constant junk.

I’m trying to get fit so it’s a goal for me to try to be active every day. I’ve been doing circuit training and it works out really well.

5) personal style

I’ve always been big on personal style and shit but I go through phases of actually wanting to shop and not giving a shit. Right now, I really want to shop. No money doe. I want some new rangs, nail polish, clothes, shoes. Blah blah blah. I have these tight khaki-ish colored pants that are too short to be worn plain with shoes so I like to cuff them. However, I don’t like the look with flats nor sandals (too frail) and I can’t wear them with my Vans because I’ve got old-skools and them bitches is sort of chunky. My solution is to buy a pair of those nice white converses. Real thin and cute.

Lately I’ve been keepin’ it pretty casual. I just wear a t-shirt, some jeans and a zip-up or something like that, but I think it’s time to up my expression.

soo yeah

I’d say those are my extra-hobby things for now. I have a ton of those and tend to put a lot on my plate at once. Hopefully my other blog posts to come will be more interesting.




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