What I Would Buy if I Had Money

1) brass wallet

As I have mentioned I will be traveling abroad and I hear there are many pick-pocketers in Spain. I hate putting my cash into my wallet, it’s troublesome. A money clip would make things so much easier! Saw this brass wallet on Refinery 29 and fell in lurve. By Guns Germs $teal:

* the image links to the sale on r29 but the sale ends in a couple of days so the link will rot

Okay, I think this is the perfect solution for me because it’s just a clip. So simple! I’m really bad about crumpling my cash and stuffing it in my pocket or purse. You can also customize the engraving. The bummer is that it’s $118.

I also realize that this is rather flashy for a wallet and could be easily pick pocketed, but hey, maybe people will think it’s a business card holder?! Regardless, it’s a cool easy way to hold my $$.

I’m broke doe so I will not own this ever. (by the time I gather my money it will either be unavailable or I will be uninterested)

2) cool t-shirts

Margiela Powerball Tee – NYCPARIS by FormandSpace. I saw this on Refinery29 as well. Only $36 dollars! Which is still too much for me. I might splurge on it if it were $10 bucks, but it’s not. Yeah, I just called 10 dollars a splurge. I like the Lanvin(g) large (ha – ha) one too

yesss! link to NYCPARIS stuff : http://www.nycparislondonhktokyola.com/blog/shop/

Anyways I’ve been on the search for some cooler t-shirts…minimalistic for the most part, unless I see a super graphic one that I like. I super dig Ronin designs.

My dude friend showed me the collection – designs are pretty clean and cool – graphic but not tacky, (minimalist) and they refer to a bunch of animes. It’s a really great idea! I don’t watch anime, but if I did, these would definitely be my favorite t-shirts.

I literally just discovered this store right now: http://store.thereedspace.com it looks like they’ve got some cool stuff for the hipster/skate culture. I’m just talking out of my ass, I just found this website so I can’t really gauge it but it’s definitely directed at a certain type of lifestyle if you know what I mean. They barely have any girls stuff. :\

Also, I’m funny about wearing things I don’t really know about. So as much as I liked Ronin’s stuff I wouldn’t wear it unless I actually watched the anime. Otherwise I’m just a fuckgirl that doesn’t know what she’s talking about 😐

3) denimz

A.P.C. women’s petit standard. $185 on needsupply.com, but like $125 on eBay haha. I like the raw denim look. When you first buy it it’s all clean and heavy and 12 oz and shit. I like the worn-in faded look as well though. I remember there was this chick back in high school who had really great fades. The jeans were a bit baggy yet still fit her perfectly. Not TOO much contrast (which I like) and they just looked really great. Unfortunately I keep googling ‘A.P.C womens fades’ on Google and not much has come up, but I sooo dig the blue that comes after some wear.

I had bought size 24s for $110 b/c I heard they stretch two sizes, but I couldn’t only button like 1 out of 4 buttons so I wasn’t too optimistic about that. I’m not sure 25s will make that much of a difference. Is there a women’s petit standard? I thought it was unisex. I tortured myself comparing all the sizing/fit options and crap. Ugh here’s a a different fit of the “women’s” petit standards (I’m meh on New Cures b/c no selvedge!)

It’s baggier on this chick, but she’s wearing a 27. I really want to try on the sizes but I haven’t yet found a store that carried such small sizes.

Blah, at one point I had the money but I’m really iffy on the sizing and stuff. Also now that my summer traveling as come up I need to save cash for that.


or perhaps something like this:

i wish i knew where to link this

I like something really plain with a really plain twist (the colored collar thing)

ugh this tee looks so comfortable i need to know where to get one

5) misc.

There’s a lot of random stuff that I’d get to develop my personal style, which I’ve been wanting to do. More rings would be cool; I like wearing rings a lot but I also lose them a lot. My favorite ring was this Kate Spade one that I’d bought for myself in celebration of a big sale I’d made.

 *perfect amount of bling

I left it in a bathroom after taking it off to wash my hands. When I returned it was gone. My fault. I’d buy it again but I can’t find it anywhere.

*I honestly don’t buy a lot of apparel items, I usually have a couple that I really like, and if I lose it, I will buy the same one again. I like my jewelry to have a certain sentiment and I’m better with wearing a couple of subtle pieces almost daily.

This is pretty much all that comes to mind- if I were to buy the wallet, a t-shirt, the denims, and a ring, the grand total would be:


without tax, without possible shipping fees, approximately. That is about $327 more than I have to spend. ho hum pigs bum.

Welp! That was fun. Maybe I will work hard and earn the funds to treat myself haha

Peace & sleep well – C


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