20 Things You HAVE To Do In Your 20s!


20 Things You HAVE To Do In Your 20s!

HEY EVERYONE! WHATS UP?! It’s Ray again, and since I know all of my fans love me, it is time for some of my vivacious and wonderfully, awesome advice!!! I saw this post and I was just so inspired to respond to this topic!! So, without further adooooo, here goes! 😀

20. Work for money and build your dreams at the same time!

You know some people tell you that you really need to focus on one goal and move towards that. They tell you that you need to remove all distractions from your life and such, and really just focus on that one thing so that later in life you’ll be set. But you know what? FUCK! THEM! Okay lets be real. I’m in college now and if I were to really focus on getting ahead in all of my classes without regard to anything else, I am BLINDING myself to all of the things around me. Realize what you want to do in life, and do it! But don’t blind yourself to all of the opportunities around you. Try new things! Seriously! Try new things. Try new things. Go out. Have fun. Get a job that you like. Work in a coffee shop o something. Spend your money and go have fun! You are twenty. And you are in your PRIME. You will never get the chance to go out and have experiences when you’re older like you can now! So please, do yourself a favor and go out have fun! Do this in moderation and you will be set for life! Remember your long term goals, and always keep working towards them. But like I said before, don’t forget to go out and have some fun. Meet some new people, and gain some wonderful experiences. It’s not about the end result, it is totally all about the journey!

19. Fall in love, fall out of love, or stay in love!

Some people say that “your 20s are entirely too crucial for your personal growth for you to be focusing on fulfilling the wishes of another individual” and relationships “makes your [sic] boring.” But like I said before. FUCK THEM! Seriously. Just because one person had a terrible relationship and turned to a cynic doesn’t mean that you have to bear their suffering. I can say that when I was in a relationship, I was pretty fucking happy. And guess what, I really like being happy. So just because some person tells me that being in a relationship is a waste of time because I should be focusing on my “career,” doesn’t mean that they are right! I know from experience that being in a relationship makes me really happy and who has the right to tell me what to do?! So put yourself out there and find someone that you love! Gain some new experiences and if things don’t work out, then that is TOTALLY OKAY! There are so many more beautiful individuals out there that I guarantee would LOVE you. Just keep an open eye around for those people ;). If you’re lucky, you might find someone that is just perfect for you.

18. Learn how to become a man, act like a man, be a man!

Nobody likes a sissy! Nobody likes an asshole! Find a balance between the two and people will love you! Keep true to your words, be a good person, and success will come to you. Trust me.

17. Make a lot of friends AND earn your friends trust!

Who says you can’t do both?! Make a lot of friends! Or make a little! Depending on what kind of personality you have, you’ll probably enjoy different types of company. It’ not TOO hard to make friends or acquaintances, but it may be a bit difficult to truly gain someone’s trust. But once you do gain someone’s trust, it is TOTALLY worth it because you now have someone that totally has your back. So once you gain someone’s trust, don’t lose it! And especially don’t take it for granted :].

16. Stop caring so much!

So this title might be a bit misleading. Obviously if someone comes up to you with a gun and demands your wallet, it is PROBABLY in your best interest to care about what he wants or else you are going to get a cap in your ass. With that being said, let’s not take this tip out of context. Sometimes people just think WAAAY too fucking much. I am sooo guilty of this. Stop thinking for once and start doing! By that, I don’t mean be a fucking dumbass and do some crazy stupid shit that no one in their right mind would do. Okay?! But go out and try something new! Don’t think so much about how people would see you or something! Fuck them! Do whatever the fuck you wanna do and go have some fun! But don’t have too much fun, remember your goals! Fun is just for fun. Find a balance between work and play! Things will fall into place and you’ll be the HAPPIEST person EVER! 😀

15. Recognize what you need and what you want!

Again, balance is really everything! Know what you need, know what you want. Satisfy your needs, satisfy your wants. For example, I NEED to eat. So obviously I’m going to eat. I want to take myself out for a nice dinner. That’s what I’m going to do! And that is totally okay! I need to do my school work. I want to go out and have some fun instead. Well I can do both! Put your needs before your wants and your quality of life will be soo much better. There’s this story.

A professor fills a jar with large rocks and asks his students, “Is the jar full?” They reply, “Yes.” He then fills the jar with some medium sized rocks, asks his student the same question, and again gets the same reply, “Yes it is full.” He proceeds to fill the jar with sand and asks his students, “Is the jar full now?” And of course, annoyingly, they reply “Yes……Professor……” And of course! The professor fills the jar, yet again, with some coffee.

So what’s the moral of the story? The jar represents your life. The large rocks represent the things most important to you—family and school, it depends on you! The medium sized rocks represent the second most important things, such as your friendships or whatever it is you find important! The sand represents the smaller and more insignificant things. For example, your plans Friday night, or the new clothes that you’re going to buy, or whatever it is! The only way you can fit everything in your life is to work on your priorities first and to sweat the small stuff later.

So know you may be asking what the coffee represents! Well! Amidst all of the things going on in your life, don’t forget that there is always time for a nice cup of coffee with a friend :].

14. Family comes first!

Don’t take for granted that your family will always be there for you, because unfortunately they won’t :[. Spend some time with your family :].

13. Do take breaks!

Unless you’re some freak of nature, I would definitely recommend taking some breaks or vacations every now and then to just relax. This past week, Conz suggested that we both take a mental health day where we just do whatever we want to do to rejuvenate ourselves. I took this weekend off of studying and just relaxed with my family and such and I feel super ready for the upcoming week!

12. Take on jobs!

Jobs are all learning experiences and depending on what kind of person you are, I bet there is something that you can definitely take from a job and incorporate it into your life. Don’t like your job? It’s never too late to find something that you want to do!

13. Follow trends! (or don’t)

Who cares?! If you want to follow the latest trend, do it! If you don’t, then don’t! But don’t forget your goals!! It would really suck to amount to nothing just because you were so hip back in the day. Again, balance is key! And as always, enjoy!


It sucks being tired ALL the time. You don’t feel good and it kind of rubs off to your friends, and then they don’t feel good either. It doesn’t really do anyone any good being tired and unmotivated all the time. The best advice that I can ever give is this. So listen up. Your body is a temple, treat it like one, and you will be at peace. Treat your body like shit—feed it unnecessary drugs and smoke and unhealthy foods—and you will feel like shit. I am 100% sure of it. I know for a fact, based on the people that I surround myself with, the ones that tend to treat themselves a lot better, are the ones that are generally A LOT happier and overall satisfied with their life. Why would you want to poison yourself? This is something that we can never take back. You know how smokers have “bad lungs?” I never REALLY understood what this meant. I knew that you were killing your alveoli (whatever that is), and filling your lungs with tar and stuff. But I never really understood it as much as I do now. In my bio lecture today, my professor showed a chart displaying the different types of lung capacities. I’m not going to get into super detail here, so I’ll just make it really easy to understand. Each lung can hold around 3 liters of air. Imagine a 3 liter bottle split into 4 sections. Smoking basically kills off one of those sections, meaning that your overall lung capacity is significantly reduced, which is why smokers get winded out. I don’t want to get too personal so I’ll just leave this tip with one last comment. Treat others how you want to be treated, but also treat yourself how you want to be treated. Treat your body like shit, and your body will treat you like shit. I promise you that.

11. Learn and grow!

You can always learn and grow from everything! Humble yourself, and know that there is always someone out there that can teach you something. If you want around thinking about how much opportunity every person has to offer instead of thinking about how much better you are than everyone else, you will be a much much happier person.

Okay well I’m pretty much done here. I know this isn’t 20 things, but “20 Things You HAVE To Do In Your 20s!” makes for a better title than “10 things you have to do in your 20s… :[[ waahh.” Sorry this post was waaaay too long, but hope you enjoyed! :] If you disagree with anything I said, then fuck me! To each his own. Do whatever you wanna do!


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