Villainy – my reign of terror

Hey babes, it’s time to kick it into gear!!

Finals week is coming up the week after this, so it’s time to put things in position for that week. I’ve got to pack up my dorm belongings and the stuff I’m bringing to Spain. Oh right, and learn basic Spanish.

My to-do list is heffffffty!

I need to study for finals, sign up for classes, keep up with my hobbies, and fulfill the short-term plans I’ve got with friends and such! There’s lot’s to be put into place.

So I realized that when I return home from Spain most of my friends will be busy with their respective summer to-dos. This is kind of SUCK, but also great! During winter break we’d been hoping that we would be too busy to see each other during the summer. Thankfully we each found our opportunities for the summer. Movin’ on up!

What I’ll be doing after my internship is focusing on music. I made a list of songs that I want to learn on piano, and things I need to learn on the guitar.

Piano: Sonata #1 K279, Howl’s Moving Castle, Claire De Lune (DeBussy), Love Dream (Lizst)

Guitar: picking patterns, jazz chords, master the strum/pick n’ slap

I also want to write songs. I have some lyrics but I’ve never focused my energy into actually massaging them into a full work. My goal is to write an album. It doesn’t need to be produced and maybe not even good, but to have written enough half-decent songs to compile a record would be a good start. Eventually, yeah I would like to get to work in a studio. That’s a dream of mine. I imagine maybe having a rough day and then getting into the studio and jamming out. That’s where I’d like to put my emotions.

*I really admire writers that can make their writing extremely personal but make them so random/ambiguous sounding that nobody knows exactly what they’re referring to/talking about.

There are also a couple of other important things that I need to become better acquainted with: Programming, Mandarin, and Japanese.

I’ve already started and finished a couple of lessons on this great website (coding is very helpful to know esp. in this tech age, although I’m skeptical about how well you’d actually be able to code upon completing codeacademy lessons. my personal use would be…web design. i love a good digital platform.)

I already speak fluent Mandarin but I don’t know a lot of technical terms in the language. My reading and writing also suck. My solution is to watch more taiwanese dramas.

In high school I took 2 years of Japanese, and I don’t remember shit, so it’d be nice to at least know what I’ve learned.

OH RIGHT, amidst all this, I still have to keep up my art, which was my original passion all along. It’s just that I currently have no ideas, but I want to toy around with illustration and graphic design. The bummer is that I feel like I need to actually take some minor courses in this to really get the technical skills I need.

But yeah, that’s a good overview of what I’m trying to do.


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