The people surrounding my life changed. My family usually is always out and about, and because I went to high school half an hour away, my high school friends are separated by some distance. Most of my days now are usually just spent with me, myself, and I. This doesn’t really bother me too much, but I’m sure you know how things can get quite tedious after continual repetition. So I guess this qualifies as one of those circumstances. I kind of feel a sense of peace with Solitude because she allows for reflection, but with someone like myself, too much of her can be detrimental. What I liked about living at school was that I had roommates and friends only a few minutes walk away. Life wasn’t as lonely back in the dorms, and dare I say, life was good.

My diet also took a change for the worse. I don’t want to get into all of the details, so I’ll just make it short. My family doesn’t really pay too much attention to their diet. Which is slightly inconvenient because I have a fairly strict diet so that I can train better. I have been talking about wanting to cook, but now that I am cooking, I’m finding it kind of hard to adjust to cooking the amount of food that normally eat.

But the biggest change right now is probably how much I miss Connie. Back in school, we usually spent time with each other daily, even if it was just for a few brief minutes. We typically ate dinner together and talked about our day or what was on our minds. It’s hard having a companion for so long, someone you really love, and to just end it ya feel? She says we’ll still talk and Skype and Facebook–but it’s just not the same.

Despite all of these changes, the fact that the world can transition with such ease provides a metaphor into my own life that I too can (haha) adjust to change. And I hope that it won’t be too long until I’m back on my grind.

Now that y’all heard a little about me, I would love to hear some input from my fans. Below are some questions to consider.

Has there ever been a time where you found it difficult to adjust to change? If so, is there anything that you did that helped you adjust?

Please comment below 🙂



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