My Bedroom!!

Hey everybody!! Well like I said, it’s summer, which means I have a lot more free time now. So I have been wanting to make my room look a little bit different. I wish I had a photo of my room, but I don’t have a lens wide enough to really show you anything. Basically all that I have in my room right now is a table, my bed, and bed frame. Anyways I had a few ideas for how I would like for my room to look like.

I’m usually a really neat person, but I can also be messy. I also like the clean look and the messy look. Go figure. BTW my room is fairly small (maybe around 10′ x 12′? idk o.o).


I like the look of this room. I like how cramped everything is and the little couch thing. It seems like a nice room to just chill and relax in. I don’t really have a lot of pictures that I care about, so a photo friendly room doesn’t matter to me.


I guess simplicity is totally like the new thing. I’m ind of whatevers on this look..don’t really like it tbh. But I’m just throwing some ideas out there.


I really like this room. I love the wall paper, bed sheets, and pillows. I also have a ton of books, so I think some type of panoramic shelving like this would work. I had some shelves before but I just took them off my wall because they were kind of ugly. This shelving seems pretty doable though. I just need to buy some angle supports and I’m sure I can find a bunch of 2×4’s for free on Craigslist. Yeah yeah you might say that 2×4’s are overkill, but it’s free! Can’t argue with that. I’m also really diggin the window. I think maybe I can move my bed over to my window like that. I’m kind of iffy on that though because my house is one story, and my room is in the front of the house.

Well I don’t feel like droning and rambling on and on about this and that. So that’s it. Any input would be lovely. Tata!



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