Spoiler Alert (Looking for Alaska)

I finished the book earlier today a few hours ago. This damned book sucked the energy out of me for the last couple of days. Fucking John Green -_-.

First, I hate books with death in it. Especially. If the author just put some awesome characters in it. I read this book once and was pretty depressed for about a week because the one of the main characters was in a dreadful coma for all but the first 10 and possibly last 20 pages for the book. Back to Green. I read The Fault in Our Stars a few weeks ago and the book was great. I was sucked into the pages the entire time and finished the book really quick. Of course damn John Green had to kill one of his characters. Gus’ death didn’t hurt me too much because 1. he was a dude 2. it happened at the end of the book. Alaska, you beautiful goddess, it damn well near killed me. I was just so pissed at her. And my friend Sandy, who lent me the book after she read it, asked me if I thought Alaska was playing a prank. Of course she wasn’t playing a prank. John Green doesn’t mess with his readers like that. He killed Gus. He killed Alaska. And I bet in Paper Towns and Catherine, he killed some more people too.

Yeah, Yeah. Green didn’t kill anyone. Death is just a motif that is often encountered in life, and therefore his novels. Fuck you. He did kill those people. -_-. Now I don’t know if I want to read his other books, because I don’t think I’m ready to have my heart ripped out again. Anyways, now that I have pointed out the obvious pink elephant, let us get on with this post.

I don’t know why Alaska did it. Pudge doesn’t know. The Colonel doesn’t know. Takumi and the Eagle don’t know. And heaven forbid if John Green knows. I was so pissed when I found out she did it. Pissed at her. Pissed at Green. Okay I’m going to stop ranting and just say what needs to be said.

Looking for Alaska is very popular among the young adults in the 90s generation. Green’s message seems somewhat blunt but possibly also vague regarding drunk driving. Green portrays the horror from Alaska’s death, but towards the end of the novel, he expresses the ambiguity regarding whether or not her death led to enlightenment, whether or not she planned her death, or whether or not it was an impulsive suicide. So basically I’m being very inconclusive about how I feel about her death. Whatever. This post wasn’t really meant to be cohesive, because I didn’t want to sound like I’m doing a book review, and I am definitely not a critic.

Alaska is such a tease. I really hate that. She basically has Pudge right in the balls, and I hate that feeling. BTW, there’s like a hate/love relationship with me and Alaska. Actually with everyone kind of. Everybody loves her, and nobody can ever have her. Pretty simple. I guess everybody will meet that person at least once in their life. I hate Alaska for teasing Pudge so me. In a way she teases me too. -_-. Imagine if there was some really nice and sweet girl that really liked me, like Lara, and I was always saying some bull shit like, “You’re so cute, I could just kiss you right now. Too bad I love my girlfriend so much.” That would kill me.

Lara is so sweet. She’s one of my favorites. They were actually all my favorite. But Lara in a different way.

The ending was kind of inconclusive for me. I’m glad I continued reading after the monotonous first 60 or so pages. I’m glad I finished the book. I’m not sure if I would rather have read it, or have never read it.

Bleh I’m done here.



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