They Tell Me to Take Risks

Everyone says it. How do you make your dreams come true? How do you succeed? “Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone”. That’s all true, and I pride myself on trying new things, a lot, but when was the last time I really took a RISK? 

When was the last time I created something, and publicized it, and took a shot? Never. 

Even when I write on this blog, I don’t show it to anyone. No one knows about this blog except Ray, and our 4 (or 5?) followers that are probably robots. 

Making t-shirt designs, and sharing it on Facebook… THAT’S taking a risk. Starting a real business? Real risk. I never go full force with any of my projects, and in fact, I rarely finish them. Why? Partly because I lack discipline, and probably partly because I’m actually really chicken. 

I haven’t really put myself up for true failure…ever. The last time I did that was probably my sophomore year of high school, when I sang in front of a bunch of kids at school during a lunchtime competition. I was so nervous that I nearly cried.

Oh yeah, I have major stage fright.

My point is, I realized, that I need to be bolder, and stand up and do something, even if my insides are crumbling. What do you need to do to take risks? 


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